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 Whether your rebuilding a deck on a back yard deck or re-building a Beach house deck, we've got you covered. Our deck builders can build or rebuild any deck that you may have. We build customized decks to suit your needs. You just tell us what you would like to have and we will make it happen for you.

 We always start with a solid foundation setting every post into concrete, which keeps our decks securely planted to the ground in the event of flooding or high wind storm conditions. Then bolting all of the main beams with Galvanized carriage bolts, and then finishing the deck with either poly coated or Stainless steel decking screws designed to with stand the harsh gulf coast conditions that rust common screws and nails. 

 And to top it all off, we also give you a 5-year material and craftsmanship warranty on every job that we do. Though we do not cover Acts of God, Negligence, or Abuse of any nature.